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Many experienced designers have a hard time passing the NCIDQ Exam.
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Master each section so you can stay on track

Taking the NCIDQ Exam is like running a marathon. To pass the exam you have to train for it.

Last minute cram sessions just don't work. This means following a study plan that covers all the material, so you can master each section. With Qpractice, it's easy to stick to that schedule.

Prepare for the computer-based NCIDQ Exams

Get our email series to guide you through a systematic review of all the material. Master each section, one-by-one.

Each weekly lesson plan tells you exactly what material you need to cover — including scheduled practice exams at key checkpoints — and it's all delivered right to your inbox.

Cut the guess-work and focus on what's essential

There are so many NCIDQ Exam resources. If you tried to read them all, it would take forever, and you'd need a second job to afford them all.

Surely you don't need all of them… What are the essential items that you really need?

We tell you what's essential, and how to effectively prepare for the exam.

Online, On-Demand NCIDQ Exam Prep

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What Qpractice members say

Andrea Mason

Passed! I have tried a few different ways to study for the NCIDQ, but have never felt as prepared as I did this go around. Thank you for FINALLY helping me get certified.

Andrea Mason
Courtney Waters

I passed all 3 sections on the first try and am now certified!!! I used the IDFX and IDPX study courses. I think what was most helpful was staying on track with those courses and treating it like an actual class that you cannot miss deadlines on. There were nights that I would stay up so late, just to make sure that I was caught up on my(...)

Courtney Waters
Adrienne Consales

I passed IDPX! I got out of a client meeting and just happened to check my email - got a note from CIDQ saying congratulations on becoming a certified designer - I was shocked! I didn't know we were getting scores today.

Woo! feels GREAT to pass all 3 sections.. what a relief! Thank you Qpractice team for everything this year — these new(...)

Adrienne Consales
Woo! feels GREAT to pass all 3 sections.. what a relief!

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