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Taking the NCIDQ Exam is like running a marathon. To pass the exam you have to train for it.

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There are so many NCIDQ Exam resources. If you tried to read them all, it would take forever, and you'd need a second job to afford them all.

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We tell you what's essential, and how to effectively prepare for the exam.

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What Qpractice members say

Anessa passed the Practicum

The Practicum was my last piece of the puzzle, and I PASSED!!!!! I can't thank you enough Lisa!
Qpractice opened my eyes and helped me to fully understand and master this exam!! I am now a Certified Interior Designer, and I can't believe that this dream has finally come true! :)

Make your dreams come true
Leslie passed the NCIDQ Exam

My boss was so shocked.

She said – “This doesn't happen.” Passing all 3 in one shot. Um, YES IT DOES, look at everyone here too! They didn't expect me to pass so quickly, now they will be giving me my raise much sooner than they anticipated. :)

PASSED - IDFX, IDPX & Practicum!
Karla improved her score by 170 points!

I PASSED the FX. Thanks to Qpractice I scored 170 points higher than the first time.

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