NCIDQ IDFX + IDPX Prep Course and Practice Tests


Exactly what you need to pass the IDFX & IDPX Exams

Did you know that pretesting can raise your score on the final exam by an average of ten percent? But failing a practice exam can make you feel defeated. If you can’t get it right on a practice test, surely you’ll freeze come exam day, right? Not according to the experts.

A recent study by U.C.L.A psychologist Elizabeth Ligon Bjork found that failing a pretest is actually helpful in achieving success on the final exam. Yet, traditional studying can trick your brain into a false sense of security.

You may believe that if concepts and ideas make sense today, you’ll remember them in the future. But passive studying doesn’t always help you remember. But, instead of recalling ideas, on exam day you blank out. Why? Instead of developing an understanding of the subject, you simply tried to memorize it.

Pass the NCIDQ Exam so you can move ahead in your career

So what can you do differently? And why does it even matter?

Qpractice has a plan that will not only help you pass the IDFX, but also help you develop knowledge and skills that employers are seeking now. Passing the IDFX shows that you’re a motivated and a serious job candidate.

Once you have several years of work experience and are eligible to take the IDPX, earning your NCIDQ Certificate is the next step to moving up into a senior design position.

We provide you with a doable study plan, taking you through the whole program in manageable chunks of learning. We help you practice for your exam so you’re more relaxed and can perform at your best on test day. And, of course, we share useful hints and tips so your chances of passing the exams multiply quickly.

You study each content area. You practice each skill. You learn what the graders are looking for.

With Qpractice you can prepare for the NCIDQ Exam with a complete study plan and practice tests. Test your recall of the IDFX content and get comfortable with computer-based testing, so you’ll be prepared on exam day.

“Got my IDFX and IDPX results – I passed both tests and will become certified on my first attempt on all sections!”
Holly Holden

Holly passed the NCIDQ with Qpractice

“I passed both IDFX and IDPX with flying colors! The Qpractice practice tests were fantastic study tools, and they were a great predictor of my scores.”
Ariane Laxo

Introducing the Qpractice IDFX + IDPX Prep Course and Practice Tests

Prep for the exam by taking timed online IDFX and IDPX practice tests to simulate the exam experience.

Next, follow the Qpractice Study Plan to review the NCIDQ Exam content areas. Learn how and where to focus your efforts for the most results. Get answers to your questions in our Live Office Hours and our online members-only study group. Test as you go with NCIDQ content area quizzes.

IDFX Interior Design Fundamentals Prep Course & Practice Test

IDPX Interior Design Professional Prep Course + Practice Test

The Qpractice NCIDQ Exam Study Plan is a self-paced program to review for the NCIDQ Multiple Choice Exams.  You can work at your own pace, study with a private group, follow along with our calendar schedule, or create your own.

You can easily complete 1 or 2 modules a week, depending on how far ahead you start your NCIDQ Prep.

Qpractice IDFX Online Practice Test

  • 3 hours timed
  • 125 questions
  • Correct answers and explanations

Covers the NCIDQ content areas of:

  • Building systems
  • Construction Standards
  • Design Application

Qpractice IDPX Online Practice Test

  • 4 hours timed
  • 175 questions
  • Correct answers and explanations

Covers the NCIDQ content areas of:

  • Building systems
  • Codes
  • Professional Practice
  • Project Coordination

Other practice tests have fewer questions and only let you take the test once – 

You can take our test as many times as you want.

  • Delivered from a pool of more than 600 questions and answers
  • Random questions & answers – no two testing sessions are exactly the same
  • Get your answers, the correct answers, and explanations with a downloadable report
  • Learn with 7 videos including Insider Tips, Tips for Test Taking, IDFX and IDPX Q&A

Get more value from your practice, and make it more convenient

– study anywhere, anytime you’re online.


Choose a Qpractice membership to fit your needs:

For about the same price as a regular workshop (or less), get access to Qpractice for all 3 exams!

Interior Design Fundamentals

Prep Course

24-7 access to the IDFX Prep Course and Practice Tests for 1 year.
  • 7 Modules covering the NCIDQ IDFX Content Areas
  • IDFX Reading Guide
  • 7 Videos – Insider Tips and Q&A
  •  Content Area Quizzes
  • 3 hours, 125 question practice exam
  • Answers + explanations
Bonus: IDFX Private Study Group
This bonus will no longer be available after January 31, 2015

Interior Design Professional

Prep Course

24-7 access to the IDFX Prep Course and Practice Tests for 1 year.
  • 7 Modules covering the NCIDQ IDPX Content Areas
  • IDPX Reading Guide
  • 7 Videos – Insider Tips and Q&A
  •  Content Area Quizzes
  • 4 hours, 175 question practice exam
  • Answers + explanations
Bonus: IDPX Private Study Group
– This bonus will no longer be available after January 31, 2015
The IDFX Practice Test has 125 questions, to help you prepare for the computer-based NCIDQ Exams, based on the official breakdown from CIDQ.
Brand: Qpractice
The IDPX Practice Test has 175 questions, to help you prepare for the computer-based NCIDQ Exams, based on the official breakdown from CIDQ.
Brand: Qpractice


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“I got the letter today and passed both PX/FX!! So happy to be able to move on and get going with the Practicum. Feeling confident now. Thanks Qpractice for the support!”
Tiera Lindsey

“I passed the IDFX! It’s official, I’m done! Thank you QPractice =)”
Kristin Grant


“I passed the IDPX exam and since that was the last exam I needed to take, I’m now applying for my Florida license. Thank you for your help!”
Talia Steiner


What happens when I register?

You’ll get immediate access to the Qpractice members area, where you can get started right away with the first module.

Can I stop and start the practice tests?

The Qpractice tests are designed to help you prepare for the computer-based NCIDQ exams, in both timing and delivery, to simulate the actual exam experience. Plan to spend the same amount of time as on exam day.

While you can certainly take a break during the test, just like the real exam – you can’t stop the timer. You can take the tests as many times as you want and get a different random batch of questions next time.

If you want to spend less time, take the content area quizzes, they are 15 questions each.

How many hours do I need to study?

Reviewing for the IDFX and IDPX takes a lot of reading.

Our study schedule leaves you some time free on the weekends to catch up or take a break.

Then you will need to spend some time after your reading with a practice test. Based on what you missed, spend some extra time going over that material. Then test again. You can take our practice test unlimited times throughout the testing season.

That said – if your schedule is tight – don’t worry. Plan ahead, and study when it is convenient for you.

What else do I need?

The Interior Design Reference Manual by David Kent Ballast – Sixth Edition, NCIDQ Exam PDPs for the Practicum (hurry and get our members-only early registration discount), drawing supplies and tools.

Are the practice tests scored the same as the NCIDQ Exam?

The NCIDQ Exam is not scored like a typical exam. It is scaled with scores from 200 (0 correct) to 800 (all correct), with the passing score set at 500. Statistical analysis ensures that the tests given each year are equally difficult, even when the questions may be different.

Qpractice allows you to retake your test over and over again. You can see your score, answers, and explanations for each question. If you’re scoring 90% in each content area, you’re doing well. If you’re scoring 40 – 50% – you need to study more.

Do your NCIDQ practice tests have the same questions as the Prometric tests?

No, but our questions cover the same content areas as provided by NCIDQ.

While it is unlikely that any question would be identical, you may see some similar questions.

Qpractice’s tests cover the exam content areas in same proportion of questions per content area as the actual exam.

Our members who have taken both versions, and the IDFX & IDPX felt that we covered similar content and difficulty level. Many preferred that you could take our tests more than once.

Will my access to the course or practice tests expire?

You get unlimited 24/7 access to the study plan and practice tests for the entire term of your purchase period, at any time of day or night.

You can take both the practice tests and content area quizzes as many times as you want.

Qpractice NCIDQ Exam Complete members get lifetime access to everything for as long as they need it.

When are the Live Office Hours Workshops?

The live workshops run on Saturdays over an 8 week period. See the exact dates and times on our NCIDQ Study Schedule.

How do I attend the Live Office Hours?

We meet for live webinars. You can register to attend the Live Office Hours and find replays right in the course modules. Workshops last 1-2 hours each.

What if I miss Office Hours?

Office Hours are recorded and posted for Qpractice members to watch the following week, and you can post questions ahead of time.

We announce when the replays are available in our private study group, so you can watch when it’s convenient for you.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. You get three full days to try our online study program – the same as a regular weekend workshop. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

Any more questions?

Just send us a message.