NCIDQ Millwork Design Real Life Examples

The NCIDQ Millwork exercise on the Practicum Exam tests your knowledge of millwork construction. You must coordinate cabinetry with plumbing and electrical services. For the problem you will draw a plan, elevation and section view.

It helps to visualize real-life scenarios that combine cabinetry with plumbing and electrical. For example – a kitchen, bathroom, restroom, bar, or laboratory area. Your design must include an accessible element.

If the design includes a sink, the sink MUST be accessible and you must draw it in your section. Always follow the program instructions about what to show for your section.

This sink cabinet is an example of universal design principles used in millwork design and would make a great practice drawing:

Think about the kind of information you would hand-off to a cabinet shop or other fabricator. A good solution is easily understood, and could be built from your drawings.

Action Steps for the NCIDQ Millwork Drawing

To master this drawing, do this exercise at least three times – be able to complete it within the 1 hour allotted during the exam.

Aim for being able to solve any variation of the millwork problem comfortably within 45 minutes.

During the real NCIDQ Exam you may be stressed, and you’ll receive a drawing completely different from the ones you’ve seen in practice.

Aim to be over-prepared, not under-prepared with these action steps (tweet this)

In addition to the millwork exercises in the practice exams, try drawing the cabinet design featured in the video. Imagine how this could be included in an accessible kitchen layout and draw this, too. Be sure to go back and review the accessibility codes you used for restroom design, and apply them to this problem.

Here are some more great examples of accessible millwork in residential design. Use them to help you visualize and build up a library of mental examples for the NCIDQ millwork exercise.

Even if you don’t have the work experience creating these, take some examples like these and practice drawing an elevation or a section.

NCIDQ millwork example for accessible design

Kitchen by Franklin Square Design-build Firms DJ’s Home Improvements

accessible contemporary kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen by Brisbane Interior Designers & Decorators InterDesign Studio

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