NCIDQ Practicum

Qpractice has put together the best study guides, study schedules, tips and tutorials to help you master each drawing on the NCIDQ Practicum Exam.

For best results practice each drawing 2 - 3 times until you can complete it in less than the recommended time. Plan to spend a minimum of 30 hours in drawing practice.

Follow our Practicum Blueprint, and we'll walk you through each drawing step by step.

Drawing Tips for the NCIDQ Practicum

Repeat practice is the key to success on the NCIDQ Practicum exam

Prepare for the NCIDQ practicum by mastering one design problem at a time.

We recommend using a combination of practice problems for both residential and commercial design problems – in the next unit we’ll cover the recommended practice problems and tools.

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7 Step Strategy for NCIDQ Egress

ncidq egress exercise

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Image courtesy num_skyman
Besides Space Planning, we found that the NCIDQ Egress Exercise is one of the most confusing drawings for test takers. It is worth 18%, one of the drawings that is worth most in the afternoon, Part B.

In working through all the tips with our members to do the Egress Drawing, we’ve come up with 7 Steps.

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Video: Tips for the NCIDQ Restroom Design Problem

Accessible Toilet Compartments

Watch this great video and see the true need for planning accessible restrooms. It helps you understand the “why” behind some of the rules and building codes.

The restroom design problem on the NCIDQ Exam tests your ability to apply accessibility codes in a public men’s room.

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