The NCIDQ Interior Design Professional Examination (IDPX)

The IDPX Exam is a computer-based multiple-choice format exam for designers with several years of professional work experience.

Follow the Qpractice Study Plan to thoroughly cover the eight (8) NCIDQ content areas, not only to help you pass the test, but also demonstrate your advanced proficiency and professional-level interior design knowledge to employers.

By popular demand Qpractice has combined our IDPX Study Guide and online multiple choice practice tests to help you thoroughly prepare for the NCIDQ Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX) in just several weeks.

What’s Light Got To Do With It?

light affects emotion

Did you know that orange light may help you concentrate? Or that bright light can make you crave spicier hot wings?

Lighting design isn’t just about aesthetics anymore; it’s affecting us in ways we may not have even realized…

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Live NCIDQ Office Hours Sneak Preview

This Office Hours is for All Members.

Live NCIDQ Office Hours Open Event – June 29, 2013 at 12pm EST

Qpractice members share their stories about what helped them pass the IDFX, IDPX, and Practicum, we preview the new Qpratice user interface and features, and answer general questions.

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How to Review for the NCIDQ IDPX Exam

IDPX puzzle

Good taste and your ability to select finishes, fabrics, furniture, flooring and lighting, etc… is critical, yet it is only one piece of the design puzzle.

Interior Design is like a box of puzzle pieces that all have to fit together to make the entire picture.

The NCIDQ Exam tests your knowledge by exploring each piece in detail

And –– tests your understanding of each piece.

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Important NCIDQ Exam Changes 2013

NCIDQ Exam changes

Is there a specific time limit an individual has for passing all three sections of the exam?
Jeff Kenney, Executive Director of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification shared information on the coming NCIDQ exam changes for 2013.

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