The NCIDQ Interior Design Professional Examination (IDPX)

The IDPX Exam is a computer-based multiple-choice format exam for designers with several years of professional work experience.

Follow the Qpractice Study Plan to thoroughly cover the eight (8) NCIDQ content areas, not only to help you pass the test, but also demonstrate your advanced proficiency and professional-level interior design knowledge to employers.

By popular demand Qpractice has combined our IDPX Study Guide and online multiple choice practice tests to help you thoroughly prepare for the NCIDQ Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX) in just several weeks.

FF&E Specifications: The Tip of the Iceberg

Blue iceberg reflected in the water

FF&E is an extensive subject. Selecting materials and finishes for a project reaches far past their aesthetics. They need to be durable, functional, and meet the sustainability, budgetary and safety needs of the project.

Making the initial selections is just the tip of the iceberg. Selecting FF&E also involves a lot of technical and legal issues, such as flammability and code requirements.

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Would You Be At Fault? The Interior Designer’s Liability for FF&E


Just this past week, a giant mirror approximately 10 ft high and estimated to weigh 250 pounds or more fell on diners having breakfast at a Manhattan cafe, Balthazar.

The mirror struck a former French politician on the head, and he was taken to the hospital and later released, sore but unhurt. It’s amazing that no one was seriously injured.

In this case, it’s not likely that an interior designer’s specification was at fault, yet this highlights the potential liability interior designers could face.

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