Why Cramming Fails and Study Plans Succeed

You lose 80% of what you study when you cram

We’ve all done it–crammed for a test. But don’t you remember struggling to recall that information a short while afterwards?

If taking the NCIDQ Exam is on your horizon in the new year, cramming for it isn’t likely to yield positive results. Besides a likely failure on the exam, you’ll have wasted money, and perhaps hurt your pride.

Why not make a study plan part of your New Year’s resolution?

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How much more can YOU earn with the NCIDQ Certificate?

NCIDQ Salary Search

One of the concerns I hear from many designers is about the cost of the NCIDQ Exam. But simply looking at the cost of the exam without looking at the potential benefits is shortsighted. Especially when having your NCIDQ Certificate can have such a huge impact on your career options.

Did you know that average Interior Designer salaries are 172% higher for jobs requiring the NCIDQ Certificate? That’s pretty significant.

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What to do now before the NCIDQ IDFX & IDPX Exams


So if you’re taking the NCIDQ IDFX and IDPX Exams – this is what you need to do in the next few weeks before your test date – take a practice test.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our NCIDQ Multiple Choice Office Hours Sessions where a member shared what worked and what was a waste of time.

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How to Forge a Memorable Interior Design Brand

Aga Artka and Jenny Schrank are writing a book on Interior Design Branding

A brand is a connection, a relationship and a promise. It is not a logo, a mark or a stamp.

You may have the most eye-catching logo and business card on the planet. But if your brand does not say what you stand for or create a relationship with your audience and your network, it won’t get you far. Learn how two designers are sharing their secrets for professional success.

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7 Step Strategy for NCIDQ Egress

7 Step Strategy for NCIDQ Egress

Besides Space Planning, we found that the NCIDQ Egress Exercise is one of the most confusing drawings for test takers. It is worth 18%, one of the drawings that is worth most in the afternoon, Part B.

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